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FICR Is Only Available In USA 🇺🇸| 30-Day free returns🔥


     I’ve been wanting one of these for the longest time! I just fill it up halfway, close it, and then finish filling it up with the little holes at the top ! They also stand up, which is convenient in the freezer. Love it!

    I bought this for my teen who likes to use aloe vera ice on her face and she loves it! Definitely better than the small ice she used to make which would melt right away due to its small size which lead to a lot of waste; highly recommend

    I was skeptical about these things that you put water in and freeze but after watching many ads on the internet I decided to try it. I was very pleased. It's so easy and effortless to use. Simply add water freeze for a couple hours or overnight and you have the perfect tool to use in your facial routine

    love these! They were a great deal and work very very well! They help with puffiness for sure and are easy to fill/use. One tip I recommend is to run the top under hot water if the lid gets stuck on after freezing. 1 full frozen one lasts we almost a week. 10/10 for sure recommend

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